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Present for life's important moments

Your birth, your postpartum, your body, your choices – we will help you know your options and support you 100% in whatever your best experience might look like. Whether it's birth, lactation, or the postpartum season that you're needing guidance, we are wanting you to feel supported and successful in your journey. 

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What are the benefits?


Hi, I’m Ariel

Certified Birth, Lactation & Postpartum Professional 

Proudly serving the

Twin Cities Metro area.

Birth Twin Cities is proud to serve diverse individuals and families in the Twin Cities by currently offering

  • craniosacral therapy

  • placenta encapsulation

  • and lactation support

Whether it’s your first rodeo or you have been there before, you can expect professional, warm, evidence-based, and unbiased support.


It is our hope that throughout your experience with Birth Twin Cities, you will stay encouraged, inspired, and be empowered as you grow and nurture your family and yourself.



Is craniosacral therapy right for my baby?

Does your infant deal with issues like 

  • colic

  • tight body tension (like arching back or looking uncomfortable in their own body?

  • tongue ties or other oral issues?

  • feeding issues

  • reflux

  • constipation

  • or other unique symptoms?

CST works with the fascial tissue within the body. Fascia is the transparent connective tissue over all the muscles, bones and joints. When there’s a torsion (whether caused by birth, injury, or some other reason), it can affect different areas and systems by throwing off the balance and preventing the natural rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid throughout your body. Craniosacral therapy works to support your body’s journey to it’s natural homeostasis state across all systems of the body.