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Meet Ariel


Founder Ariel Ewefada

Ariel Ewefada is a DONA International certified birth doula, certified lactation counselor, Dynamic Body Balancing Facilitator  (CST/DBB), Lamaze certified childbirth educator and placenta encapsulator who has been doing birth work since 2016.  She’s the queen mom (at least that’s what she tells her kids) of a vibrant Mexican-Nigerian-Minnesotan melting pot home in the north suburbs of Minneapolis with her husband and 4 hilariously shady children that all have E names. They love entrepreneurship, real estate investing, traveling as a family, baking, faith, and having friends over for bonfires and meaningful conversations.  Most days you can find her running around with her littles exploring all the fabulous family-friendly spots in the cities, working out at the YMCA or Crossfit and always with (or wanting) a cup of coffee. As an Enneagram 3 wing 2, she has the nurturing heart that is easily adaptable to any birth/postpartum/lactation scenario. Evidenced based and intuition led, you'll find reason that speaks to your mind and connection that touches your heart. 

The Vision

Ariel is passionate about educating families about their options and has been described as a steady mixed blended presence of peace and energy throughout the birth and postpartum process. Ariel works to see a shift in the pregnancy, birth and postpartum culture as the US currently ranks 55th globally for maternal mortality rates with  2/3rds of those being preventable. Of those deaths, black and latina maternal mortality rates are 4x times higher than their white counterparts. While newborn babies are incredible, birth work for Ariel has always primarily been about supporting families as a whole through a transformative and sacred season of time. If anything resonates with you and Ariel can be a resource, please reach out here.

The doula heart is a core pillar of Birth Twin Cities.

What is a doula?

Our favorite way to describe a doula is like a tour guide. We help give you the lay of the land, you choose the areas that interest and are meaningful to you, and we help show you the way! We understand that what you want and need may change throughout your pregnancy (and even during the birthing process itself!), so we work with you to go for whatever you need, whenever you need it. Your birth, your postpartum, your body, your choices – we will help you know your options and support you 100% in whatever your best experience might look like.Whether it's birth, lactation, or the postpartum season that you're needing guidance, we are wanting you to feel supported and successful in your journey. 

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