Craniosacral Therapy

What is craniosacral therapy? 

CST works with the fascial tissue within the body. Fascia is the transparent connective tissue over all the muscles, bones and joints . When there’s a torsion (whether caused  by birth, injury or some other reason), it can affect different areas  and systems by throwing off the balance and preventing the natural rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid throughout your body. Craniosacral therapy works to support your body’s journey to it’s natural homeostasis state  across all systems of the body.  

CST sessions help release, unwind and balance different areas of your body.

Pregnancy CST

$125-Initial Visit (60-75 min)

$80-Follow Up (45-60 min)


$125-Initial Visit (60-75 min)

$80-Follow Up (45-60 min)

$50-Follow Up (25 min)

$45 as an add on to a lactation visit

Office visits are located at my in-home office in Blaine, MN. 

In-home visits are available for a travel fee $1/mile from Blaine, MN.