“Birth”-Date Recipes

I recently stumbled upon this research article showing how dates are a magical superfood for labor preparation. A study at Jordan University of Science and Technology showed women who ate 6 dates per day in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy had:

-higher cervical dilation upon admission to birth location (3.5cm vs 2 cm).
-less premature rupture of membranes (83% vs 60%).
-higher rate of spontaneous labor (96% vs 79%).
-less use of pitocin (28% vs 47%)

Last but not least, a shorter 1st stage of labor time!! 8.5 hours compared to 15.1 hours to go from 0-10cm!!

The  moral of the story is that consuming dates towards the end of pregnancy can be a major game changer in labor. And c’mon, we all want that “dream” labor, am I right?

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