Nothing You Cannot Do

“You do realize now that there is NOTHING you cannot do.”

I recently overheard this statement said to a woman during the golden hour after delivering her breeched son vaginally. It was said to her by her provider.

This statement goes beyond birth as it can speak to different areas of life. There’s nothing too scary or new that you cannot walk through and come out on the other side. Seasons of disappointment, victory over trials, new beginnings, it’s all apart of the journey. Your birth…your life doesn’t have to be perfect or always go according to plan in order to believe in yourself.

We live in a culture of fear. Fear of missing out (hello, FOMO anyone?!), fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of change, fear of the unknown…fear in general. Many fears can manifest in our bodies, the building up of anxiety and the increase of stress hormones. Positive words, positive thinking, positive touch all play a part in reducing the stress and increasing the oxytocin which is the comfort, love and trust hormone in your body. Which is why this provider’s verbalized belief in this other woman’s body was so moving.

Take away points:
-build a birth team that speaks life, that helps draw out the hope and confidence that’s inside of you. It’s okay to have moments of fear and doubt, and that’s why surrounding yourself with those know birth and believe in your capabilities is crucial. Birth is intense. No matter which way your child decides to arrive. That same birth team will be with you through up and down… the easy and the hard moments.
-believe in yourself. You can do this. Your body innately knows how.
-You, my friend, are powerful.

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