“Birth”-Date Recipes

I recently stumbled upon this research article showing how dates are a magical superfood for labor preparation. A study at Jordan University of Science and Technology showed women who ate 6 dates per day in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy had:

-higher cervical dilation upon admission to birth location (3.5cm vs 2 cm).
-less premature rupture of membranes (83% vs 60%).
-higher rate of spontaneous labor (96% vs 79%).
-less use of pitocin (28% vs 47%)

Last but not least, a shorter 1st stage of labor time!! 8.5 hours compared to 15.1 hours to go from 0-10cm!!

The  moral of the story is that consuming dates towards the end of pregnancy can be a major game changer in labor. And c’mon, we all want that “dream” labor, am I right?

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Becoming One Strong Mama!

Birth Twin Cities is excited to announce a new partnership with a Minnesota based organization – One Strong Mama!

One Strong Mama is an online program designed specifically for women during their pregnancy and postpartum period. The blend of exercise and education emphasize core strength, pelvic floor strength, and breathing in preparation for birth and postpartum recovery. This program offers training, tips, and videos for the everyday woman so that she can have her best pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. And the best part – it’s attainable for anyone at any stage of their journey with no prior fitness experience necessary!

If interested in learning more, use the link below to get more information about the program.

SiteOne Strong Mama