Esther’s Birth Story

Every birth is unique… no two are the same. The story below is my first birth and what set the foundation of my journey in becoming a doula.


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Goat Life

We have a lot we can learn from nature. A week ago today I visited a friend who had a baby goat born in last Sunday’s snowstorm at some point. Twin goats showed up the previous weekend to the surprise of my friend who didn’t even know the mama goat was pregnant! Throughout my personal journey of motherhood, that has so easily transitioned into birth work and supporting families, I’ve continuously been comforted (and always amazed) to know that nature is REALLY good at birth. It’s my hope that birthing parents can gain confidence as they see that birth happens all around them. Birth is a natural part of life. And it’s normal.

Here’s to all the spring babies yet to come.

Check out the umbilical cord in the pics below!

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